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Is there a Shadow on the Face of God?

The world is a complexity of good and evil, love and hate, light and darkness. Simplified here, the Christan believer’s view of God as love and light, and evil as hate and darkness, presents a myriad of visuals in my head based on where we walk and where we plant our feet. A few scenarios:

1. We stand with the light, clear view, and the light is with us. God is shining light on everything including the dark. God is guiding us, we are holding hands and we stick close to him. We see all he is doing and are aware, joyous and fruitful. (Walking in the light.)

2. We stand in the path of light with God shadowed by our position; we don’t see him clearly, and darkness begins to blur what God is doing. He gently reveals brightness, but we’ve loosened our grip on his hands. His actions become fuzzy, as we become less aware of him, and the danger in darkness. (Being indifferent and lukewarm toward God)

3. We stand at the edge or in the darkness. God is not visible, the light is behind us, and our entire purpose is shadowed. We have let go of his hand but sense God is still there. We cannot see him or the danger. All we see is darkness. (Feeling tempted, alone, deserted.)

So where do I stand? It can be a slithery slope when God’s face is shadowed. The light is still shining  somewhere because it’s casting a shadow, whether in the valley or on the mountain top. We stand in various places at different times in life or we would not appreciate our current position- good, bad or indifferent. While enjoying mountain top views we gain awareness of the shadows of the clouds in the valleys, how light dances across the ground. Standing in the valley reveals light above and on the mountain- majestic, ominous, strong.

If God’s face is shadowed do we examine our position? Probably…. Definitely. Where are our feet? Did we put them in mud, sand, cement, or are we standing on The Rock? Are we covering full terrain? Being in the valleys , but under the shadow of His wings is still an okay place to be; He is still there. Always. But, standing in position as the cause of the shadow blocking His face means we need to move.

Where do we need to adjust for better light? For clearer vision? For more radiance? We take steps, we make adjustments or take actions that shed light, cast shadows, or deepen darkness where we stand. Do we dig into The Word and try to hear what God is saying to us? Become more serious about prayer? More willing to help someone in need? Give a hug or a smile or a hello? Maybe all of the above?

When darkness overwhelms us, where do we turn? Evil is very visible these days and the spiritual battle around us is real. The present climate here in the USA has been a slippery slope for decades. Censorship accelerated with removing God from public places. The lack of a standard for morality, truth, ethics, respect for others and authority culminate in what we see today. More than ever in my lifetime, we stand as light amidst the darkness. Whenever we draw closer to God, set aside time to pray, and prepare by putting on the whole Armor of God before stepping into the world… we stand as light in and amidst the darkness.

Each step negotiated in the journey brings us to the destination God has for us. We might not like it all the time. We do have to LEARN from it.

Prayer: Lord, you are the author and perfector of life. The Son is always above the clouds. Give me wings to break through to your glorious light, let me never let go of your hand as my feet become increasingly willing to walk enduringly wherever you lead. May I remember to Armor Up with the spiritual weapons and defenses you graciously provide for me. Holy Spirit renew my resolve to seek the Lord in ALL things through His Word, fellowship and prayer. Give me eyes to see the next steps…. The steps that move me from shadowing your face, to  envisioning  you in all your glorious light.

Katie Morrison Brill